Benefits of Supermix RMC

Supermix ready to use concrete mixture is more profitable than the site mixing. It is easy to use, does not need storage space and there is no wastage of costly materials also. As it is prepared in a plant of high technical standard, it is more durable and strong than the conventionally mixed concrete . It is no wonder more and more engineers and construction companies prefer Supermix . It is the ideal choice of concrete mix for the new generation of construction.

Supermix ready mix concrete gives excellent result to your construction process. It reduces cost, is convenient to use and its quality is assured. Using Supermix eliminates possible wastage of raw materials as well as the need for storage space. With Supermix , on site quality control and monitoring is quite easy. Cement-water ratio and grading of aggregates are also possible when using Supermix.

Lesser price. More profit
Confirmed Quality
Testing for Strength
Weigh slip delivered