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Supermix is a ready to use concrete mixture manufactured by blending best quality ingredients in a completely automated plant, using latest technology and state of the art machineries. Supermix provides highest compressive strength, fast construction and best results, with out the hazzles of procurement or storage. Using Supermix for concrete reduces expenses, saves time and cost and lessens environmental impact. We deliver Supermix where ever it is needed with assured quality and prompt service in any volume.


Supermix Advantages

Supermix provides highest compressive strength, fast construction and best results

Quality Advantage

Supermix gives extra quality
concrete than the conventional on site mixing. It is perfectly proportioned, with all components being manufactured under stringent quality control, in a state-of-the-art plant that uses latest technology

Time Advantage

Manual, on site mixing has many limitations that Supermix ready mix concrete does not. By using Supermix , a lot of time, effort and labour cost can be saved, which makes it more profitable in terms of time , money and energy

Purchase Advantage

Purchasing raw materials separately consumes more time and money. Supermix relieves the cumbersome process of procurement and speeds up construction time. And it comes up with added assurance of high quality ingredients that only a plant can issue.

Storage Advantage

For usual on site mixing, materials are to be stored before, causing storage and safety problems. Large spaces are needed to keep materials safe and ready. Supermix is delivered directly to sites so no storage space is needed . This is especially a boon where more space is not available.

Zero waste Advantages

The percentage of material wastage is high at site mixing. Using Supermix saves a lot of materials as it is perfectly mixed and delivered to the site directly. Using Supermix enhances the profit considerably, as it saves time, material and labour of your construction process.

Ecological Advantages

Supermix uses advanced technology to ensure perfect water reduction at our plants. We do uphold preservation of natural elements close to our hearts and implement it in our plant as to save them as much as we can. Supermix is mixed in correct proportions and gives you best concrete in a most eco-friendly process

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